Mercedes S Class

mercedes s classThe Mercedes S Class provides the ultimate in luxury and style. It is designed to provide you with an unrivalled experience with features such as:

  • AirMATIC air suspension to ensure that you glide over uneven road surfaces
  • Sumptuously equipped interior designed with practicality, luxury and comfort.
  • Automatic climate control ensures a pleasant atmosphere

mercedes s classLooking back through its history this was the first motor vehicle to have a safety passenger cell with integral crumple zone. The Mercedes S Class however has been continuosly developed and is fully equipped with all the latest safety features. The Mercedes Pre-Safe concept which can detect dangers on the road in advance includes:

  • Electronic Stability Programme to ensure that your ride is both comfortable and safe at all times
  • Electronic seat belt tensioners prepare the seat belts in the event of a collision
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system to detecting a tyre which may be about to fail

The Mercedes S Class limousines will comfortably carry 3 passengers with hand luggage and three standard suitcases.

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