Terms and Conditions
As services vary according to the requirements of the client it is not possible to list specific prices.

Please Contact Us to arrange a quotation for the service that you require.

Standard terms and conditions

  • It is the passengers' responsibility to check the information we have been given, and which we have confirmed back in the booking confirmation, is correct; there will be a full charge if a transfer fails because we have attended as per the information supplied and this proves to be incorrect.
  • Every vehicle has a physical limit to the amount of luggage it can carry. We allocate vehicles on the assumption that each passenger is travelling with 1 average size suitcase and 1 piece of hand luggage (aircraft cabin size). If you have over-size luggage or any EXTRA luggage please tell us. To save you unnecessary waiting when returning to the UK please also tell us if you are travelling with HAND LUGGAGE ONLY. It is the passengers responsibility to make sure the vehicle will be big enough for their needs - if in doubt please ask.
  • Please be ready to leave at the agreed pick up time. The vehicle may not be able to wait beyond this time if it is contracted to do another transfer and waiting will jeopardise subsequent work. In the event of adverse weather or traffic conditions we may contact customers to arrange an earlier start.
    Our drivers are rarely late, but in the event the driver has not arrived within 5 minutes of the agreed time please telephone our control centre on               01293 436466 if you have not already been contacted.
  • The route taken will be decided by the driver and our control centre. Unscheduled requests will be accommodated only at our discretion and only provided this does not jeopardise this or subsequent transfers contracted for the vehicle. Unscheduled requests involving extra mileage, waiting time or pick-ups/drop-offs will attract a surcharge payable in advance.
  • We will use any reasonable means to get you to your destination on time but we cannot be held responsible or liable for any delay caused by circumstances beyond our control. It is the passengers' responsibility to make sure enough time has been allowed for their transfer; we will be pleased to offer advice but without liability.
  • There is no charge for cancellations up to 24 hours in advance. No refund will be made for cancellation of a transfer within 24 hours of the relevant pick-up time nor if, during the course of waiting for any journey you decide to use alternative transport arrangements without our prior agreement. A "no show", and/or a failed transfer because of incorrect data, will result in a full charge.

Meet and Greet Procedures for Flights into the UK

  • Unless otherwise advised, the meeting point is always the AIRPORT INFORMATION DESK in the Arrivals Hall. Incoming flights are monitored using airport and television information services. We schedule drivers to be at the meeting point 35 minutes after the landing time we have been given. This is to allow for luggage recovery. This time will be reduced to 15 minutes if we are told in advance that passengers will have hand luggage only. On the day of travel we will try and adjust schedules to the actual landing so that these times are maintained but this cannot be guaranteed, particularly if a flight lands early.
  • Drivers will wait with a board with the passenger name and flight No. on it until 1 hour 15 minutes after the landing time displayed in the arrivals hall. IF YOU HAVE NOT CLEARED CUSTOMS 1 HOUR AFTER LANDING, OR IF YOU CANNOT FIND YOUR DRIVER AT THE AIRPORT INFORMATION DESK, PLEASE RING US ON 01293 436466. We have no way of knowing whether you are on a flight - airlines will not tell us (Data Protection Act). If we have not heard from you 1 hour 15 minutes after you have landed we will assume you have missed your flight and the driver will leave. If we know you are there the driver will wait. Please note there will be a surcharge of £1 for every 5 minutes extra waiting to cover the extra costs involved.
  • Please advise amended flights immediately. If outside the UK telephone our 24 hour emergency line on 0044 1293 436466. There is no charge for changing flight details if the change is in advance of our vehicle leaving to attend the flight given. If we are told after the vehicle has left there will be a full charge for the original transfer booked; another vehicle will only be supplied to attend another flight on pre-payment of another fare.
  • We do not divert vehicles to substitute airports. Diversions are very rare and it is standard practise for airlines to arrange for diverted passengers to be transferred back to their original destination airport; please ring               01293 436466 and tell us your estimated time of arrival as soon as you know, and before you set off. A vehicle will not be allocated to meet you until we hear from you. Passengers choosing not to return to the original airport will be regarded as having cancelled their transfer within 24 hours and will be responsible for their alternative transfer arrangements and costs.

Child Seats

  • We very much prefer you to use your own. We will be happy to store them for you. We can supply forward facing seat upright seats suitable for children of approx 9mths to 3 yrs, and booster seats for older children. There is no extra charge for supply or storage but supply or storage MUST BE PRE-BOOKED AT LEAST 48 HOURS BEFORE TRAVEL TIMES. If not pre-booked we will not be able to supply or store.


  • PRIOR BOOKING ESSENTIAL FOR ALL TRANSFERS. We do not operate on a “go now” basis. Prices include U.K. Government Tax (VAT) @ 17.5%. Airport Parking and Airport Waiting costs are included up to the time limits specified in our published terms of business (see F.A.Qs). Prices are per vehicle not per passenger. Prices do NOT include Inner London Congestion Charge (£8 per vehicle) which came into force in February 2003 and which will be added to all relevant transfers. Please address all enquiries about this charge to Mr Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London).

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